Astronomical Conjunction

Did anyone get to observe the “conjunction of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter”: “last night”: We were mildly overcast here in Indiana, but in some ways that actually worked in our favor since the clouds blotted out all the stars and let only the light from those three heavenly bodies through. I kept wishing I had a camera to snap a few pictures of my own, but those two links above should give you a roadmap to photos that others have taken – though I daresay that no picture will ever be able to completely do justice to the view. Isn’t astronomy cool?!

2 thoughts on “Astronomical Conjunction”

  1. Yes here at .34 degrees lattitude.= and 51 minutes and 82 degrees longitude and 23 minutes —it was very bright and could be seen despite some very bad light pollution and appeared in the Southeast in the early evening.

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