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Sub-divided to Pointlessness

Ok, this is just a bit gratuitous. Jennifer Fallon “cites a webpage”:http://www.jenniferfallon.com.au/blog/index.cfm/2006/9/27/The-51-subgenres-of-Speculative-Fiction-Seriously for an online bookstore that asks readers to select their favorite sub-genre of speculative fiction. The only problem I see with this list is how unbelievably large it is – they give 51 sub-genres, several of which are enough to warrant at least a raised eyebrow. I would suggest that, rather than being classified as sub-genres of SF(speculative fiction), these might be better classified as aspects of the genre as a whole, since many of them you will find together in the very same story or novel. And a couple of them just make you have to shake your head in disbelief that anyone would ever possibly consider _that_ one a sub-genre of SF(speculative fiction).

Apex Survives!

It’s amazing what happens when a community pulls together. Jason “announced”:http://apexdigest.livejournal.com/5791.html last night that within the span of 7 days, not only did fans of “Apex Digest”:http://apexdigest.com manage to meet the magazine’s financial need of $2000, they exceeded it. This means that Apex will continue to thrive, with Issue 7 going to the printer today. Additionally, the pay rate for contributing authors increases, as well as the pay for artists. A lot of good stuff, and I’m excited that this one will be able to continue.

Help Apex

I’ve written here before that I’m a huge fan of “Apex Digest”:http://www.apexdigest.com because of it’s unique take on combining science fiction and horror. I’ve sung this magazine’s praises and have bought a copy of all six issues that have thus far been produced.

Well, now Apex Digest is in trouble. Jason Sizemore, the magazine’s editor, has put out a “call for help”:http://apexdigest.livejournal.com/4066.html. He needs 200 new subscribers in order to pay off the magazine’s printing debt.

If you enjoy science fiction, if you enjoy horror fiction, if you’ve discovered that the two work together well, if you haven’t already bought a subscription to Apex Digest, then you really ought to do so now. Go to the “Apex Store”:http://apexdigest.myshopify.com/collections/magazine/ and put in your order now. This magazine is too good to let die now.

100 Voices in the Night

20 writers. 1 anthology. _100 Voices in the Night_. This is the idea that “Ben Marroquin”:http://storymask.wordpress.com/ of “Storymask”:http://storymask.com/ presented to me a couple of weeks ago. Flash fiction has become a popular pasttime of new writers. Websites have sprung up all over the web with stories ranging from 250 to 1000 words, as writers practice their craft and share these short works with their readers.

_100 Voices in the Night_ is a project to create an anthology of flash fiction stories in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Twenty authors will contribute five stories each to amass a total of 100 flash fiction pieces. Once completed, this new anthology will be sent to a publisher and the first of what we hope to be an annual project will be born. Each story will be short enough to read in a just a couple of minutes, and many of them will provide brief glimpses into the larger universe of each author’s writing.

The goals of the _100 Voices_ project are six-fold:

  • To create an original and unique anthology of highly entertaining family friendly stories. To the best of our knowledge, flash fiction is still such a new medium that nothing quite like this has been produced.
  • To provide an avenue for authors to get published.
  • To provide the authors with a great platform to showcase their talent to a whole new audience, thereby increasing their fan base both offline and online.
  • To provide the authors with a viable product that they can offer to their fans and that will supplement their income.
  • To provide those authors working on novels with the opportunity to introduce their novel’s world and some of the characters to a new audience.
  • To provide the authors with valuable learning experiences and access to a great network of like minded storytellers.

That’s _100 Voices_ in a nutshell. It’s a project that Ben and I are both very excited about. We’re currently in the planning stages and are still inviting authors to join the team. We have several slots open yet, so if you write in the science fiction, fantasy, or horror genres and would like to join the _100 Voices_ team, please send an email to either Ben at benmarroquin(at)sbcglobal(dot)net or Jim at stitzelj(at)gmail(dot)com expressing your interest. Please also include two or three samples of your work. We’ll review your work and if we like what we see, we’ll get back to you with an official invitation to join the team.

_100 Voices in the Night_ promises to be a fun and interesting collaboration with other writers. I’ll keep you posted here as to our progress and when you can purchase a copy of the anthology.

Book Review – Crystal Rain

A while back, “Tobias Buckell mentioned”:http://www.tobiasbuckell.com/wordpress/?p=2271 that he might have a few extra copies of his book Crystal Rain, if anyone wanted to put in a request for a copy to read and review. So I went ahead and put my name in and was pleasantly surprised to receive a copy a couple of weeks ago. I was amused that my wife, who claims that she’s not really a fan of science fiction, ‘kidnapped’ the book and wouldn’t let me have it back until she was done with it. Fortunately, she’s a pretty fast reader, and I had it back within a couple of days.

There are some spoilers beyond this point, so if you would rather keep things a surprise, this would be a good place to stop reading.

Continue reading Book Review – Crystal Rain


You’ll notice that there’s now a banner at the top of this site for an upcoming Apex anthology called _Aegri Somnia_. Now, banners and advertising are not generally things that I like to do. In fact, I’ve gone out of my way to deliberately avoid annoying my readers with campaigns and ads. So, it should say something when I believe in a product or company enough to break from my hard-and-fast rule to put ads on my site.

Here’s the skinny on _Aegri Somnia_ (from the “Apex Digest”:http://www.apexdigest.com/aegris.shtml website):

_Aegri Somnia_ translated literally means “a sick man’s dreams.” Loosely, it can mean “troubled dreams.” The first twelve Apex Featured Writers were tasked with writing the darkest, scariest short fiction their twisted minds could create using the theme of “aegri somnia.”

  • The Details: Title: Aegri Somnia
  • Short horror fiction anthology, with twelve new stories
  • Each story is between 2500 and 7500 words in length
  • Release date will be early December 2006
  • The first 200 trade paperback copies preordered and purchased will be signed by the twelve contributors, the cover artist, and the editor
  • The first 50 limited edition hardcover copies preordered and purchased will be signed by the twelve contributors, the cover artist, and the editor
  • Trade Paperback Price: $14.95
  • Limited Edition Hardcover Price: $29.95

The cover art was created by the talented Michael Bielaczyc of Aradani Studios. Justin Stewart designed the lettering.

Aegri Somnia contributors:

  • Mari Adkins – July 05
  • Rhonda Eudaly – September 05
  • Angeline Hawkes – November 05
  • Lavie Tidhar – December 05
  • Nancy Fulda – January 06
  • Christopher Rowe – February 06
  • Steven Savile – March 06
  • Jennifer Pelland – April 06
  • Eugie Foster – May 06
  • Scott Nicholson – June 06
  • Bryn Sparks – July 06
  • Cherie Priest – August 06

Those are the pertinent details folks. I’m a huge fan of Apex’s products, so if you like sci-fi and horror, this is the best place to find to the two together. _Aegri Somnia_ is going to be a fantastic collection. Go put your copy on order.