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Church and Psychology

A “friend of mine”:http://jtf02.wordpress.com has started blogging. In his “first entry”:http://jtf02.wordpress.com/2007/08/31/church-and-psychology/, he shares his thoughts on the Church and psychology and the current tension between the two.

bq. For years the Church has tended to deny that psychological problems really exist. Some have openly stated that psychological problems do not exist, only sin exists and that what some would call psychological is actually sin. Others would claim that sin does exist but that psychological problems also exist apart from sin and at times with sin.

Go give a read, and better still, leave a comment and add to the discussion.

Dream Sequence

I had a dream last night – I was sitting in a church, listening while the pastor rolled off a diatribe against Hillary running for president and how we, as Christians, need to stand against her so that she cannot attain the office. What the pastor somehow managed to miss was that Hillary was actually sitting in his congregation this day. Someone who noticed got up and went to her to apologize and explain that it isn’t usually like this in this church, bringing the whole service else to a screeching halt. The pastor was unrepentant for his words, but was embarrassed only because his speech blew up in his face. Everyone else simply felt guilty because they agreed with what he said and now were faced with the very person against whom their feelings were directed.

The whole dream was somewhat unsettling and kind of sad because it was, in my opinion, a fairly accurate reflection on reality. I suspect that if this scenario was to play out in real life, it would probably look much like the way it happened in my dream.

This was just something I felt like sharing. There’s actually a couple of related thoughts that spawn from this, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll actually write them up. I tend to try to steer clear of political topics as much as I can, simply because they tend to make me feel stressed. But we’ll see – sometimes I don’t really get much of a choice in these things.

Dance As Unto the Lord

Something I love about our church is that they periodically incorporate dance into the worship services. Sometimes it is just one person on stage, sometimes a group, sometimes just an adult, sometimes children. I love seeing it because it shows that, in all things, we can bring glory to God. It is especially refreshing because Christians and churches tend to get so reactionary to the very mention of dance that they miss out on another tool, another resource that can actually add to the worship atmosphere. I admit, I was little taken aback and surprised when I first saw it, but I enjoyed it greatly and still enjoy it when it is added. I do not think that there will be no dancing in heaven. The Psalmist even makes mention of dancing to the Lord. So, it is so lovely to see dancing incorporated into the worship service.