Fred Phelps is a Con Man

Fred Phelps is a Con Man. An interesting read on the motivations behind the Westboro Baptist Church that casts what they do in an entirely new light.

2 thoughts on “Fred Phelps is a Con Man”

  1. From a common sense and a religious standpoint, WBC (or the Phelps Cult) are con artists headed by a mentally deranged man. Simple. The Kardashians have more civilized manners and morals than this bunch! Deport the adults to a Islamic country and let the locals execute them for blasphemy against their Prophet!

    1. Except I don’t really see how that would actually make the situation any better. Sure, the Phelps clan are a bunch of royal asshats, but they do have the freedom to be asshats, even if it means they make the lives of others miserable. At this point, though, I think most people have written them off as cranky lunatics and don’t really pay them any mind much anymore. It helps, too, that several of their clan have managed to jump ship recently, which helps to undercut any damage they might do. Sure, they’re con artists, but for the most part, they’re con artists that everyone ignores. Let ’em stew in their own juices of hate and vitriol.

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