Obligatory Quick Assessment of the iPad « Whatever

“I suspect I’ll hold out from getting the first generation version, especially as I so recently purchased an iPod Touch, and wait to see what the early adopter complaints and their fixes are before considering this for a purchase.” (via Obligatory Quick Assessment of the iPad « Whatever.)

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  1. I recently held off purchasing an iPod Touch because I still have a perfectly good 2nd Generation iPod, third generation Nano, and a fully functional Palm T5. The iPad looks like something that might justify replacing some or all of those, including my 10" Sony Vaio for traveling convenience.

    It doesn't not appear it would replace a fully functional computer at all times. I've heard rumblings that it's a regressed iPod Touch, though, and I'd like to discover in what way. I, too, plan to hold off for at least the second generation.

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