Breakfast Delight

I just made myself a most tasty breakfast and had to share it. I’ve been on a diet for several weeks now (28lbs. lighter!), and I discovered a couple of weeks ago that I can have a couple of eggs for breakfast and only take in 140 calories. This morning, I decided to mix things up a little and came up with a very happy accident. Here’s the recipe (such as it is):

2 large brown eggs – 70 cal. ea.
1 slice Pepperidge Farms Cinnamon Swirl Bread – 80 cal.
1/4 tblsp. Smart Balance Omega spread – 15 cal.

Cook the eggs over-easy (or sunny-side up, if that’s your thing), seasoning lightly with salt and pepper, so that the yolks are still soft inside. Toast the bread slightly and spread the Smart Balance evenly over it. Place the eggs on the toast, breaking the yolks so that they run out over and around the bread on the plate. Grab your fork, and enjoy!

My taste-buds are exceedingly happy now. I had no idea how good that blend of flavors would be. If you try the recipe, be sure to tell me what you think!

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