April Fool’s Day

I admit that I don’t really ‘get’ April Fool’s Day. I never really have. It’s not really a day of the year that I look forward to. I don’t plan out any pranks, I don’t look for ways to trick people, and frankly, I don’t really like _being_ tricked. The whole day just sort of ends up being a wash for me, since I can’t enjoy much of anything that I hear or see because it all might just be a joke. Seems like the day is little more than an excuse for people to be completely silly and/or somewhat mean for a day. All well and good, I suppose. It’s just never really been something I particularly enjoy.

There’s a lengthy article over at Wikipedia, which serves as a relatively decent starting point for learning the origins of the day. There’s also a pretty good list of famous April Fool’s jokes, my favorite of which (from a purely punny standpoint) is this: “When asked about the sale [of the Liberty Bell to Taco Bell], White House press secretary Mike McCurry replied tongue-in-cheek that the Lincoln Memorial had also been sold and would henceforth be known as the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial.”

Anyway, for the rest of the day, I’m pretty much going to keep my head down, view any and all news announcements with a certain level of detached skepticism, and await the return of sanity tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day”

  1. I’m with you on this one… I’m not a fan of practical jokes – or being on the end of one.

    It just seems like sanctioned bullying.

    If you can’t make yourself laugh through non-humiliating means you need help.

    That said, April Fools sometimes lead to genius-level jokes an such, especially when they are not really targeted at anyone specific.

    I noticed there were a lot of online ones this year too.

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