Reclaimer As the Question

Over at “io9”:, there’s an editorial about why science fiction does better in movies than in TV. Disregarding my own opinions on which is better and more enjoyable, this quote picked out of the list touches on my approach toward my “Reclaimer”: comic:

bq. Joss Whedon famously said that a television show is a question, but a movie is an answer. That’s why Firefly spun out tons of mysteries, like what happened to River in her special school, or what was the deal with the Reavers. And Serenity, the movie based on the TV show, had a self-contained plot and answered all your lingering questions in the course of two-ish hours. TV shows, especially in this era of arc storytelling, spin out endless plots that reward obsessive viewers — and scare away casual ones.

Comic books are a lot like TV shows in that they drag out plots and sub-plots over an extended period of time, usually raising more questions than they answer. For those whose attention spans can handle that kind of lengthy story-telling, this is a lot of fun because you can mix intense action in with intricate storylines indefinitely.

This is pretty much the way I’m hoping to approach _Reclaimer_ – a lengthy storyline that presents plenty of action while raising lots and lots of questions. In the end, I expect to have something along the lines of a graphic novel with a story arc that’s been brought to a relatively firm conclusion. Whether or not I’ll continue into another story arc with the protagonist remains to be seen. Everyone who has been following the story so far seems to be enjoying it, so I suspect that a lot of that decision will be based on how much my readers want _Reclaimer_ to continue.

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