Nosy, much?

Um, who is Jamie Lynn Spears, and why does anyone care that she’s pregnant?

4 thoughts on “Nosy, much?”

  1. My two older children watch her show. I’m not looking forward to discussing it with them if they hear about what is going on. But I suppose talks about these sort of things are important even if they are highly uncomfortable.

  2. re: bs angel – Heh, well, I still don’t know who she is or why anyone cares (and I care too little about either to bother doing research – it’s clearly a celebrity gossip thing, which I have no use for). Just seems like another of those things that much ado about nothing.

  3. I felt the same exact way you did when the news was all over the place. It’s relevant to parents because she stars in a pre-teen Disney show so lots of young impressionable children will undoubtedly hear about it. Thankfully my children are boys so they don’t have that adoring young girl thing going on.

  4. She’s Britney Spear’s 16 year old sister who has used her sister’s fame to get her own Disney show.

    It’s controversial because it’s a) Britney’s sister and anything the Spears family does is “newsworthy” b) She’s a Disney star that got knocked up at 16… probably not the kind of star Disney was looking for.

    It was blown out of proportion, but isn’t all things on entertainment news kinda silly?

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