Care Less or More?

Ack! People, people – it’s “I _couldn’t_ care less,” not “I _could_ care less.” The former states that there is no more care to be given, that you really don’t care at all and that you can’t possible care any less than you do because you are already completely devoid of care. The latter says that there _is_ still some care there, that it _is_ possible to care less than you currently do by saying that you _could_ care less. See the difference?

Yeah, yeah, losing battle, yada yada. I’ll shut up now.

2 thoughts on “Care Less or More?”

  1. Ha!! I make that mistake CONSTANTLY and I’m supposed to be a writer.

    Really though, I could care less about it when it happens.

    Michael Natale’s last blog post..The Rut published at Variant Frequencies

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