Tumble Shamus

My “tumblelog”:http://tumble.shamuswrites.com is officially up and in working condition. I’m using the “T1”:http://www.livetardy.com/t1/ theme, which is built on the wonderful “Sandbox”:http://plaintxt.org/themes/sandbox/, much to my great joy. I did modify the theme somewhat, though, removing the default T1 image in the header and restoring the bloginfo(‘name’) and bloginfo(‘description’) fields to their proper places. I also brought the theme up to 2.3 compatibility with tags and added my webring navigation links to the navbar.

What I like about T1 is the custom styling for each category, giving each type of entry its own special look. I intend to take full advantage of this as this tumblelog will give me a good place to share any all neat videos, photos, links, etc. that I run across in the course of the typical day. Comments are open and welcome – just mouseover any entry for the comment link to appear on the right-hand side. Also feel free to subscribe to my feed, particularly if randomness is your cuppajoe.

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