Next Generation of iPod

The fellas over at “Gizmodo”: posted up some news about some changes in Apple’s iPod lineup that, quite frankly, had me a little nervous. You see, I’ve had my eye on one of the black, 80GB iPod Videos for awhile now, and I’ve always really liked the way they look. I currently have a first-generation iPod Nano, courtesy of “Jean”:http:/, and I much prefer the ‘square’ design of the first-gens to the rounded design of the current models. So when Gizmodo shared the news and a screenshot of the new iPod Classic, I was nervous. I saw a sleeker, more rounded iPod instead of the sharp-edged look I’ve grown attached to. I expect to be getting my new iPod sometime in the next couple of months, but I was somewhat afraid that the new iPod Classic would completely replace out its predecessor before I could acquire one.

I took a look at the Apple Store, though, since none of the stores around here seem to have the new iPods in stock yet, in order to get a better look at the new models. From the front, it almost looks like the iPod Classic is just a larger version of the 3rd-generation iPod Nano – rounded sides, just with a larger hard drive. But the profile view revealed that it was still pretty boxy looking and just the face had slightly rounded edges, which made me much happier.

It was then that I noticed something very exciting, at least for a geek like myself. All of Apple’s iPods now have double the space for the same price as the previous generation. So now, instead of getting an 80GB iPod Video for $350, I can get a 160GB iPod Classic for the same price! Very exciting stuff.

I’m also very pleased with Apple’s new iPod Nano with its video capability. I’ve always thought the Nano would benefit from being able to play video, so it was very cool to see them chop the legs of the iPod and call it the next generation Nano.

I was fairly intrigued by the iPod Touch, with its WiFi ability and widescreen video, but the storage space isn’t quite right for me yet. If you can’t tell, I’m all about the big hard drive, and 16GB just isn’t enough space for what I want. Given time, though, I’m sure the size will grow as the price comes down.

I should probably stop drooling now. My keyboard’s liable to short out any minute.

3 thoughts on “Next Generation of iPod”

  1. I, too, was getting enthused about the iPod Touch — until I saw it was only 16G. With an 8G nano only half full, I’m not going there. Oh, and I never go to Starbucks, so that deal doesn’t do a thing for me — not to mention the fact that there isn’t a Starbucks in the town I’m retiring to next year. I don’t think they have WiFi anywhere.

    While I was at the Apple site, I saw the 160G Classic and was wowed. Now, if we could just get the 160G into the Touch…they’d have me.

  2. Yeah, I really love the way the new Nanos look. I got to inspect one at Best Buy the other day, and they look really sharp.

    I’m with you on that one, Jean. Slap a 160GB HDD in the Touch, and that’d be my new favorite iPod.

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