eBooks Are Bad

I could list for you 10 reasons why ebooks suck, but Rob does it so much better. Personally, I’d much rather hold a book printed on paper in my hands than try to read it off a screen. For one thing, all that scrolling makes my head hurt after awhile, whereas turning a page certainly doesn’t. Plus, I just like the feel of the book, the cover, the pages in my hands. I’ve only ever read one eBook in my life, and that was a few years back after I’d gotten my new Palm Pilot. Ultimately, though, I just decided it wasn’t worth it, however convenient it might be to keep several books all in one electronic location. I’d much rather just have the book with me. I’ve always doubted that the ebook would ever overtake the printed form, and Rob gives ten good reasons that firmly support that belief.

2 thoughts on “eBooks Are Bad”

  1. Here, here. Another problem is that desks (and desk chairs) are SO uncomfortable if one wants to relax, and portable computers like PDA’s and laptops tend to be fragile – so if you want to “lounge” while reading e-books, you have to be willing to spend a lot of money.

    And how would a parent cuddle up with their kids for a bed-time story, even with a PDA or laptop?

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