For the longest time, I’ve been a huge fan of “Metapad”: as a replacement text editor for the native Windows Notepad. Just recently, however, the news came across my feed reader that the fine folks over at “”: released a portable version of “Notepad++”: Being the fanboy that I am, I immediately downloaded it and tested it out for my recent work on the “BlueSands theme”:

I immediately fell in love with the program. For one thing, it has a tabbing feature to allow you to open multiple documents in the same window. For another thing, it has this beautiful styler.xml file that highlights different types of code. It made it much easier to troubleshoot and identify typos in my stylesheet. It also made it very easy for me to do side-by-side comparisons of template files that contained similar bits of code I wanted to emulate from one theme to another. It was definitely a great tool for doing web design work. As always, it’s another great portableapps program that comes highly recommended from me.

2 thoughts on “Notepad++”

  1. Its weird that FF is not keeping my cookie for your website recently. I also noticed it has been clearing out my temp history when i dont have it setup to do that.

    Have you tried the website editor EditPlus? Thats what ive used for about six years now. I love it! It also lets you use multiple tabs and has a drag and drop feature, preview etc…

    What program do you use to edit images with? Im looking for a good free program. Im downloading Gimp to try it out.

    I forgot to ask you yesterday what categorie plugin do you use if any to count the total number of posts you have in each for your sidebar?


  2. Yes, it is. Sounds like something’s gone a bit winky with your FF settings.

    I haven’t. I don’t really use web editors. I’ve got NVU Portable installed with my applications, but I’ve never used it. I prefer to get down and dirty with raw code, so that’s pretty much why I use Notepad++. It gives me all the control I want. :)

    I use GIMP Portable and Irfanview (the latter for batch jobs). I’d use Photoshop, but I can’t afford the pricetag.

    It’s not a plugin – it’s just the native categories widget in WordPress 2.2. There’s an option in the widget itself to display post counts.

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