Captcha Hate

Y’know, I really abhor image verification utilities that don’t respect field margins so that, for instance, you can’t determine whether the letter is an ‘E’ or an ‘F’ because it’s dropped off the bottom edge of the field.

2 thoughts on “Captcha Hate”

  1. I can’t stand the ones who use an unrecognizable font to the extent that I can’t tell WHAT the character is — even if it is in the field of view. Blogger has been better lately, but so often, I have to enter the verification three or four times because it was illegible to begin with.

  2. Hence the reason why I stopped using them and wish everyone else would stop using them, as well. I’ve always hated jumping through that type of hoop over and over again, so I couldn’t in good conscience expect anyone else to have to go through it , either.

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