Wanna see something gross? Pick up your computer keyboard, hold it upside down, and shake.

4 thoughts on “Keyhoard”

  1. Smartass. ;-)

    That would require one of those aircans, now, wouldn’t it? That’s a commodity that isn’t exactly readily available in my office. So, yes, my keyboard tends to get a little gross after a while.

    And I swear – I don’t know _where_ some of that stuff comes from.

  2. Dude, that is sick! You do have way too much time on your hands! So…what exactly did you find falling out of yours?!

  3. Nice to see you finally breaking down some barriers and coming out to actually comment on my site, bro!

    Food bits. Lots of little food bits – most of them unidentifiable. What came out of yours? :)

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