Broken Record-Like

I apologize in advance – it’s likely that for the next three weeks, most of what you’re going to read here is going to involve the Halo 3 beta. I wasn’t able to get advance tickets to this thing through the Friends & Family invites, but I’ll be joining up and playing as much Halo 3 as I can starting on Wednesday. I’ve already been able to watch a bit of video from those who’ve been lucky enough to get in on the Beta in the first wave, and I’m positively salivating at the chance to join with the mass rush later this week.

So apologies to those of you (probably just about everyone) who couldn’t care less about Halo or video games. This is going to pretty much dominate my attention for awhile.

One thought on “Broken Record-Like”

  1. I shall read every word of the blog then.

    Glad you get to join us on Wednesday. Sorry you couldn’t be there on Friday, but heck you’ve got 3 weeks.

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