I really don’t feel like writing much today – it’s just one of _those_ kinds of days. So, instead I’ve been monitoring my progress in “Ogame”:http://www.ogame.org – a resources management game that puts you in command of interplanetary fleets as they fight for dominance in the universe. You start out planet-locked with a starting complement of resources to begin building metal mines, solar plants, and a lot more. The idea is to collect resources, build an organization on your Homeworld, build a fleet, and set out in the galaxy to populate other planets, destroy other fleets, mine debris fields, form alliances, and more.

I swore I’d never play this game, but here I am anyway. And it really doesn’t require that much of my attention. I can start putting buildings up and walk away while the processes complete. Some processes – which I haven’t gotten to yet – take several hours to accomplish. I’ve also been fortunate to join up with my Halo clan in an alliance in the Ogame universe, two members of which sent me shipments overnight last night (one took a real-time seven hours to arrive, the other six) to help me get on my feet and get buildings put up. I still haven’t built and ships or satellites – those are coming just as soon as I can get enough deuterium collected to fuel everything.

It’s a pretty interesting game, and I know that once I get my fleets into the sky I’m going to have to start keeping an eye out for raiders. We’ll just see how things go. This is kind of fun at the moment.

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  1. No No No .. You will NOT get me playing oGame again .. I’ve spent so many hours on it, even got myself a Graviton and a couple of moons

    I will not play ogame again .. I will not play oGame again .. i will not play oGae again .. I will n

  2. Stu, that shipment you sent me? You know, the one that you said would keep me busy for a week? Yeah, I blew threw that all yesterday. Balzak and Fouch had to send me more goods to get me back in business.

    I’m having a crystals availability issue at the moment. I have plenty of metal and deuterium, thanks to those shipments, but crystal is in short supply again. I’m waiting to gather enough so I can upgrade my crystal mine again.

  3. Yeah, you’re ALWAYS going to need more of something, usually crystal.

    You’re much farther ahead in a couple of days than we all were.One thing that REALLY helps propel you forward is raiding inactives.

    You’re going to need at least Espy Probes and Small Cargos. Then you find inactive players, probe them, and steal what they have if they have 0 defense. You can pay off your cargos really quick this way and can get more on raids than you can from a week’s worth of mining.

  4. I guess espionage will be the next thing I work on, then. Raiding would certainly be a plus.

    I’ve been reading through the tutorials this morning, learning a few of the intricacies of the game. One of the things I like about it is that, even once you get firmly established with fleets, the level of complexity and strategy doesn’t suffer for it. You still have to actually think about what’s going on around you to keep from suffering.

  5. Just out of curiosity, Owen, how long has it been since you last played?

    Espionage is up and running now. I’ve built two probes and sent them out on a couple of reconnaissance missions. Nothing major – just trying to get a feel for the neighborhood. Most people I can’t scout yet due to the newbie rule. I’m still trying to just to keep enough crystal in stock to do some things, but I’m making myself a very small target by trying to build things that require just metal and deut, since those two commodities seem to be rolling in rather nicely.

  6. Well, more’s the pity. I’m actually finding that, right now at least, I only have to keep half an eye on things. But then again most of what I’m doing is building and researching. I haven’t really done much with fleets. I’m trying to get myself up to a level to colonize and at least add to my resources, but I still need to upgrade a couple of things before I can do that.

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