Halo Main Themes Remixed – Over, and Over, and Over Again

I’m all for musicians “rendering their own remixed versions”:http://halo.bungie.org/news.html?item=18094 of the Halo Main themes. They’re great pieces of music, and it’s huge amounts of fun to see how artists impress their own styles, flavors, and tastes onto these familiar tunes. What I would _love_ to see, however, is an expansion into all the other musical themes from these games. Marty O’Donnell has produced a wealth of great musical content with these soundtracks, setting up some wonderful templates for other musicians to reproduce and flavor with their own styles. So, it would be fantastic to see some of these reproductions branch out to the various other tracks to see what kind of new and interesting work can be produced. Heck, with a little collaborative effort with ‘the man’ himself, I’d even be willing to bet that completely remixed version of these soundtrack albums could be produced and marketed for the musicians industrious enough to take that challenge to task. I know _I’d_ pay money for something like that.

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