Geek Wishes

Geeky things I’d love to learn how to do but haven’t, as yet, found the time or opportunity:

  • Learn how to use Photoshop ((This also demands I acquire a non-pirated and legal copy of Photoshop.)) and GIMP to their maximum potentials
  • Learn how to record and edit audio files
  • Acquire the equipment and training to create “machinima”:
  • Set up and run my own web server from home

I’m sure there are others, but these stand at the top of my list.

5 thoughts on “Geek Wishes”

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  2. These are all great goals and I’ve had similar aspiratiions to learn some or all of these things.

    The trick is “time available” to learn this stuff. It just doesn’t exist, and you’re twice as busy as I am.

    I guess I could slow down my gaming, but honestly. Where would the fun be then?

  3. Yeah, tell me about it.

    Honestly, as much as I enjoy gaming, I’m not so passionate about it that I can’t pursue other things, as well. I’m just cursed with having far too many interests and not nearly enough time in the day to pursue them all. That’s the nature of the beast, I’m afraid.

  4. I want to accomplish a similar expertise with my Macromedia Studio software.

    Just noticed your aside about Snap Preview. I’m with you. What’s that cartoon dialog box supposed to provide me as a reader? Nothing I can see other than an annoying popup-like box on my screen when I rollover it.

  5. I know it’s supposed to accomplish two purposes: 1) provide readers a quick preview of the site linked to so that they can more easily and quickly determine if it’s one they want to click through to, and 2) give readers an idea of whether the site linked to is legitimate and not just some spamlog or some other such scam site. Personally, I think the Snap Previews are, at least, annoying and, at worst, extremely frustrating. If I don’t know what a site is or can’t at least get an idea from the status bar in my browser or trust the site I’m reading enough to trust that they won’t link to something trustworthy, then I simply don’t click on the link. It’s that simple. I’m kind of hoping that someone comes up with a Firefox plugin that disables Snap Preview on any and all websites I view. That would be much simpler and easier than having to turn it off on every single site I look at.

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