Daylight Savings Time this year starts this Sunday, three weeks earlier than usual. For some, this is a good thing. For others, not so much. I’m one of those in the latter group.

When I was a kid, I thought DST(Daylight Savings Time) was a good thing – I loved having that extra hour of daylight during the summer months to spend outside playing basketball or baseball or fishing or whatever plethora of activities I found to occupy my time and interest. And I always hated the fact that we lost that hour during the long, dismal winter months.

Then, a few years back, my wife and I moved to Indiana. At the time, this state didn’t observe the semi-annual change of the clocks, and for the first time we discovered that we actually kind of liked the idea of not having to worry about changing our clocks. Granted, it made things interesting as we were technically on Eastern Time or Central Time, depending on which half of the year we were currently in. But the idea of not having to deal with the change was enjoyable.

Of course, Indiana re-adopted DST(Daylight Savings Time), ((There’s talk again of going back _yet again_ and dropping the use of DST.)) so now we’re back to changing our clocks twice a year. Personally, I think the idea of DST is something that ought to be dropped completely in the US. We’re one of the few countries in the world who uses it, and the supposed benefits of energy conservation seems like a tenuous argument in favor of the policy. I think I’d much rather forgot about the whole thing and just deal with the fact that daylight is going to be shorter by an hour and see the sun come up a little earlier in the morning.

But that’s just me…

5 thoughts on “DST”

  1. Years ago, some senator or congressman tried to extend DST into November. At that time, kids raised such a stink about losing an hour of darkness for trick-or-treating time on Hallowe’en night that their parents complained, and the idea was dropped. I hope it happens again this year. CHILDREN OF AMERICA, ARISE! DON’T LET THE GOVERNMENT STEAL YOUR HALLOWE’EN!

  2. Can someone tell me why the state of Alaska goes on DST when it stays light all night there during the summer?

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