I’ve just quite a bit of material to write about, all of it stacking up in the queue. Most of it right now has to do with theology and philosophy and the like, some of it has to do with writing, and some to do with gaming. All of it requires a clear head to mull over and think through coherently enough to formulate something worthwhile from the rabble, and so I’ve pushed it off for a few days now. My heart may be into writing, but my mind simply can’t keep up right now.

To give you a little idea of what I have on the table right now, here’s a list of entries I’m hoping to draft in the somewhat near future:

* A response to statements that the Bible may not actually be inerrant
* A response to the charge that C.S. Lewis himself may not have considered the Bible to be inerrant
* Musings on the use (or lack thereof) of classical logic in today’s culture
* The disappearance of antithetical logic
* The social nuances of avid bloggers
* An objection to bookstores that are beginning to place science fiction and fantasy novels in separate categories
* A little blurb on eschatology
* Video games in politics – again
* Storytelling in video games – just how important is it?
* The relationship and similarities of statistics and psychology

I’ll even give you folks a choice – which of the above topics sounds most interesting to you? What would you like me to write about first?

9 thoughts on “Forthcoming”

  1. I’ll go with the storytelling in video games. Although I was tempted to pick eschatology so I could find out what it was rather than go looking it up.

  2. Ha! Nice one, Mike. _Eschatology_ is basically the study of the end times. I ran across a topic a while back that sparked some thoughts on the subject; I just haven’t had time to write anything down yet.

  3. I vote in this order of preference:

    1. eschatology
    2. storytelling in video games
    3. response to the charge that C.S. Lewis, etc
    4. objection to bookstores that…etc.


  4. I vote for the first two in order. Personaly I thnk it should be in this order because it seems weither C. S. Leweis thinks the bible is inerrasnt or not is not as releant if the inerrancy of the bible istself is not addressed.

    I have heard the thing about C. S. Lewis before, and I don’t believe it, but would all the same would like to hear the counter arguments.

  5. Well, it seems that we have a 3-way tie between eschatology, storytelling in video games, and C.S. Lewis. Anyone wanna cast the tie-breaker? (Otherwise, I’ll do it.) ;-)

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