Peter Petrelli has been my favorite _Heroes_ characters since the very beginning. Hiro seems to have risen to the top as everyone else’s favorite, and there _is_ something to that. This happy, optimistic Japanese fellow is hard to dislike. Of all these folks with special abilities, the ones who have so recently begun to realize that they _are_ different from everyone else, Hiro was the first to realize who and what he was. While some have suggested that they _could_ be heroes, Hiro was the only one who immediately said, “I _am_ a hero.” His confidence, alongside his cheerful exuberance, has endeared him to so many.

The show, however, began with Peter, with a look into his dreams, and we saw a childlike wish come immediately to forefront – he dreamed he could fly, and it was so real that he almost believed even then that he could do it. And of course we found out that he could, but that came later.

We were provided hints early on that Peter was special, indeed, perhaps the most special of them all. Hiro’s appearance to him so early on suggested that, not only might he be the most potentially powerful of them all, but Peter might prove to be the rock, the foundation, the leader that will ultimately bind them all together as a team, as a unit, as a group that will venture forth and reshape the world as we know it.

It it this aspect, this facet of Peter’s personality that immediately set him up to be my favorite. His brother may be the ambitious politician, but in the end, I believe it will be Peter who truly becomes the mover of worlds and the shaper of destinies. And the more we see of his personality and abilities revealed, the more I believe that this will be true.

Who’s _your_ favorite hero and why?

5 thoughts on “Favorites”

  1. I’m very intrigued by the similarities they are showing between Peter and Sylar. Peter is definitely the most powerful of any of them! He doesn’t have to kill people in order to take their powers. He is the only one who can truly rival and stand up to Sylar.

    Peter is also walking a very dangerous line. If he’s not careful, he could very easily be taken in by the same darkness that overtook Sylar. I don’t think he’ll go that way, but understanding that temptation could be one of his greatest assets when he does face Sylar.

    I know it wasn’t his fault, but I’m still mad at him for his stunt with Isaac that got Simone shot. Though one could argue that’s almost as much Mr. Bennet’s fault as Peter’s.

    Speaking of Bennet, he’s also extremely intriguing. I think he’s evil, pure and simple, but he does genuinely care for his family – even Claire.

    Who does he work for???? My guess: Linderman.

    As for Parkman (the cop), We’ve been watching Alias season 1 lately, and that actor plays a minor roll (at least early on… he hasn’t shown up for an ep or 2), and every time I see him, I keep waiting for him to read someone’s thoughts! lol… it’s quite confusing!

  2. I dunno. Bennett aside, I think Isaac’s more at fault for Simone’s death than Peter is. He didn’t even try to understand and help Peter. And Peter’s anger at the betrayal is understandable – again, Isaac called Bennett and served as the catalyst for the whole mess.

    Now, I’m wondering if Peter won’t just reverse time to before Simone was shot. In Peter’s vision, everyone, including Simone, is there. It could be that Peter’s vision isn’t actually one of the future, but given his abilities to absorb the talents of the others says that it is at least _possible_ that it is. And if so, then Simone has to come back somehow. We’ll just have to wait until next week to find out.

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