The End of MySpace (David Louis Edelman’s Blog)

The End of MySpace – Oh, please say it’s true.

3 thoughts on “The End of MySpace (David Louis Edelman’s Blog)”

  1. Ah, solid, well-written article.

    Though, in looking back to *your* original article on the evils of myspace, do you usually/often respond to my comments by commenting your own entry? I definitely understand the reasoning behind that (so much easier for you, for one thing!), but if you’ve been doing so, you should probably know that I’ve never checked back to read your responses posted in such a way. ~XD My bad.

  2. Bingo, my friend. I always like to keep a conversation in one place, for anyone else who’s interested in following along. And yes, that’s exactly what the comment subscription option is for – so people can keep up if they’d like. :)

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