Re-evaluating Book Editions

This “entry by Brandon Sanderson”: stands in sharp relief to my little “mini-rant”: the other day. Coupled with “Bryan Catherman’s comment”: and I am forced to step back and re-examine the issue.

Now, I’ve always preferred hardcovers. I like their solidity and durability, but in recent years I’ve fallen back on paperbacks due to a notable shortage of spare change. But by the same token, being the book snob that I am, I’ve been remiss in my ‘obligation’ to purchase books that will actually weather the years well. And it also only makes sense that if I like a book enough to buy it, I should be willing to support the authors whose writing I so enjoy by purchasing the hardcover edition and be willing to sacrifice quantity for quality. If I were in their shoes (and I do hope I am one day), I know _I’d_ prefer my readers to buy the edition that puts more money in my pocket.

I’m willing to admit I was hasty in my previous rant. I’ll be taking a closer look at both hardcovers and tradeback in the future. It’s the least I can do, right?

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