Plugins That Just Got Overhauled

I do love the “WordPress”: community. The software is continually upgraded so that it’s constantly getting better. And when a plugin breaks, it isn’t usually long before the plugin author updates it for the latest version of WP or someone finds a workaround. When I upgraded to WP 2.1, I noticed that a handful of my favorite plugins were either themselves broken or broke WordPress itself. Here’s the shortlist:

  • “LiveJournal Crossposter”: – This was the one that actually broke WordPress itself. I made the mistake of leaving it turned on when I ran the upgrade (I got lazy), and it actually mucked with the install itself, preventing a couple of tables from updating and populating properly. I had to revert to a previous version, as a result, and then re-run the upgrade with the plugin turned off. The author of this plugin hasn’t yet updated this plugin (or even acknowledge comments left by me or others notifying him of the incompatibility), but one savvy user “found a way to fix it”: So, thanks to Dotan for supplying the solution until Evan can get around to issuing an official update.
  • “Sideblog”: – I notified Kates that his plugin was causing entries with more than one category to display once for each category. I was suddenly having multiple copies of some entries showing several times over, even though said entry was only in the database once. Kates said he’d get to it when he had time, and within just a couple of days, the update had been released. I love this plugin for keeping my one-line entries and linklog on the sidebar. Oh, and despite what the plugin page currently says, Sideblog is actually in its 3.6 iteration and works splendidly again.
  • “Subscribe to Comments”: – I’m not sure if it was an incompatibility issue with WP 2.1 or something else, but I was notified that this plugin was returning a header error when people left comments. So I turned it off, only to find that I didn’t have the most recent version. So I updated, and now it seems to work great again. The admin interface is much more crisp and complete, actually displaying everyone who has ever subscribed to comments and letting me see at a click which entries they’ve subscribed to. Very clean, very nice.

Those are the major plugins I use that needed upgrades. Everything else had either been upgraded already or still worked with the new version of the software. All this within just a couple of days of 2.1’s release. Did I mention that I love this community?

Anyone else have any cool plugins they’d like to recommend or that needed upgrades?

2 thoughts on “Plugins That Just Got Overhauled”

  1. Since I upgraded to wordpress 2.1 and having the new sideblog 3.6 activated my pages are hidden and return a 404 error.

    Once I deactivate the sideblog they are back.
    This is weird, isn’t it?

  2. It is. You should probably go over to Kates’ site and leave a bug report in the comments (or check to make sure it hasn’t already been resolved). The link to his site is in the post above.

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