I’ve found that I don’t really enjoy “Non Sequitur”: is much as I thought I would when I originally started following it a couple of years ago. Usually, when the Danae/Lucy arcs appear, I skip them; same goes for the tall-tale fisherman. I think it’s the fact that I already get a far too large a dose of cynicism in real life to want to “humor” myself with it again in comic strips. About the only reason I still follow it is because every now and then, he comes up with a good one that I can actually relate to.

And it so happens that both “Strange Brew”: and “Speed Bump”: frequently leave me scratching my head. Seems like the creators of these strips are trying to mimic the sort of thing that Gary Larson accomplished. The problem is that Larson _always_ made me laugh; the punch lines in Strange Brew and Speed Bump are far too often too obscure for me to pick out. “Rubes”: does a better job – the punch lines are always pretty clear, but I don’t always find them funny. Ultimately, these comics will always be “Far Side” knock-offs for me – nobody does bizarre humor like Larson.

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  1. Keep in mind that Speedbump is pun-based. Always, always a form of semantic humor. Strange Brew may be the same way — but Far Side had a much broader range of humor. Oh Far Side. My girlfriend recently got me the 2007 rip-off calendar. I knew she had good taste.

  2. Yeah, Speedbump leaves me puzzled much less often than Strange Brew.

    I have that daily Far Side calendar, as well. I was so happy that they brought it back, even if I _have_ already seen them all before.

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