Ok, this is silly, I know, but it annoys me just the same. What’s with this phenomenon I keep seeing around on various blogs of calling the Internet these cutesy little names? Some examples – ‘interweeb’, ‘interweb’, ‘intraweb’, ‘intarweb’, and even ‘intramebby thingamajiggy’. ((This last one _really_ bugs the tar out of me.)) I get the joke. I _ken_ the hacker origins and the chuckle-behind-your-hand kind of teasing these phrases imply. But I guess it still just sort of bugs me. In my mind it’s a _very_ mild form of 1337-speak. ((At the very least, it belongs to that juvenile school of thought and behavior.)) I think what really annoys me about the practice is how sloppy it comes across to me. Call the thing what it is. Name it and move on. It undermines your message because then I have to stop and figure out what the heck you just said. Quit toying with the name, quit calling it something stupid because doing so makes _you_ look stupid. And I know you’re smarter than that.

Yes, apparently I’ve become an old fart.

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