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I’ve written here before that I’m a huge fan of “Apex Digest”: because of it’s unique take on combining science fiction and horror. I’ve sung this magazine’s praises and have bought a copy of all six issues that have thus far been produced.

Well, now Apex Digest is in trouble. Jason Sizemore, the magazine’s editor, has put out a “call for help”: He needs 200 new subscribers in order to pay off the magazine’s printing debt.

If you enjoy science fiction, if you enjoy horror fiction, if you’ve discovered that the two work together well, if you haven’t already bought a subscription to Apex Digest, then you really ought to do so now. Go to the “Apex Store”: and put in your order now. This magazine is too good to let die now.

2 thoughts on “Help Apex”

  1. I totally share you feelings about Apex Digest. If you’re interested, I’ve set up an old-fashioned raffle with fairly staggering prizes to do some fundraising for Apex Digest. You can buy a ticket to put your name in the hat to win autographed copies of books, art, video and other strange goodies. Tickets are a dollar each.

    On Friday, September 29th, we’ll draw names and hand out the prizes.

    You might win an autographed book by M.M. Buckner, Geoffrey Girard, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Keene, David Louis Edelman, and more. Or how about a copy-edited manuscript of a Ben Bova novel? We’ve also got a signed first edition hard cover of The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russel. Maybe you’d want to have your story professionally edited? Stop by and see which things you covet.

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