How bad is it that, almost without exception, I simply refuse to read blogs that don’t allow comments?

2 thoughts on “Remonstrance”

  1. Hey, a man’s gotta know where he stands.

    Personally I want to scream every time I go to post a comment and I’m told it is pending approval of the moderator. I understand why people do it. But Oh, how I crave that instant gratification of seeing my words in writing up on the screen…

  2. Yeah, I understand the moderation thing, especially on blog platforms that don’t have the benefit of Akismet or that simply want to have a chance to deal with particularly rancorous commenters. I guess what I don’t understand are those people who post their thoughts and writings out on a public space for people to read and then give their readers a chance to offer feedback. Rankles me a bit, and I haven’t decided yet if it’s bad of me to feel that way. I guess it just seems like a cheap shot for someone to post up something denouncing someone else’s viewpoint and then not allowing people to offer feedback. That, to me, is like chucking a stone at someone and then running away before they can throw a stone back. Cheap shot.

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