Meter Me This

Once again, here’s where I start wishing I was a bit more adept at writing code. I can do the basics when it comes to web page design, but beyond that I’m hopeless. And I don’t generally need a program so badly that I need to teach myself the appropriate language just so I can build it, particularly when I can usually Google it and find something along the lines of what I’m looking for in about 30 seconds.

So of course I can’t find the kind of word meter that I want. I’ve found the “Zokutou meter”: and the “Writertopia meter”:, but both are more along the lines of measuring progress on a single writing project. What I’d love to see is a meter that allows a writer to track and report their daily writing habits, something along the lines of:

*Words written:*
Today – 276
This week – 573
This month – 4,691

Just a little form you can plug your count of the day’s work and it automatically totals everything up for you and stores your statistics in a little table on your database. It would save having to copy and paste everything in and manually total up the numbers yourself. Personally, I think it would provide a nice incentive to just keep at writing everyday, even if it’s just a dozen words, if you can add it up and see where things stand. I know I tend to work on two or three stories at a time, just depending on mood and how inspired I am on one story or another, so a meter for just one project might not be reflective of the total amount of effort I’ve put into writing in a given period of time. Plus, I’m a numbers geek, so I’m always thinking in terms of average number of words written in a day, week, etc.

I dunno. It’s just a little ‘toy’ I’m interested in. I suppose if I wait long enough, someone will come out with something like this eventually.

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