Magazine Orders and an Open Poll

Well, the deed is done. With a budget of $25, I was able to order a single issue each from five different speculative fiction magazines I am interested in possibly submitting work to at a future date. The list of magazines for any and all interested:

  • “Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest”:
  • “Farthing Magazine”:
  • “The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction”:
  • “Analog: Science Fiction and Fact”:
  • “Asimov’s Science Fiction”:

The first two – Apex and Farthing – I ordered in print. I was disappointed that with the last three on the list I had to suffice with digital copies, since that is the only format that single issues are available for those magazines. (I much prefer actual print over electronic; something about being able to hold the pages in my hands.)

My goal in ordering these is to 1) give myself a fairly broad and diverse range of exposure to the field of speculative fiction as a way of priming the creative juices and 2) to being familiarizing myself with speculative fiction periodicals that would suit my publication goals. It is always highly recommended that fledgling writers become familiary with the sort of fiction that various magazines accept so as not to waste everyone’s time by submitting works of short fiction that are not suitable to that magazine. So, I plan to take the time to read and do the ‘homework’ necessary to hopefully get published.

Now, time for the open poll. These are just five magazines that I’ve found that are interesting to me. I have a handful of others on the side, waiting for more money for the budget. This is where _you_ get to chime in.

What magazines are circulating out there that a writer of speculative fiction might want to add to his or her list of potentials for short fiction submissions?

3 thoughts on “Magazine Orders and an Open Poll”

  1. I dunno much abotu SF&F, but I thought I would direct you to Cavan at

    He is working on an anthology right now and recently went through writer’s markets for short submissions and has a pretty good handle on this stuff. Maybe you guys can help each other.

  2. Ah, thanks for the tip, Flood. I’d been by his site the other day, but y’know – things get busy and I’ve churned up a BUNCH of new blogs by other writers to read as a result of Jason’s contest, so I’ve haven’t had time to really puruse any one of them to any great extent yet.

  3. Single issues of Analog and Asimov’s are available from the editorial offices for $5.00 each. Next time you have $5 or $10 to spare, write to us at 475 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10016

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