Word Association

I’ve got a new toy – an “associative dictionary”:http://dirkie.nu/2006/05/01/associative-dictionary-widget/. I’ve always enjoyed word association games, and here’s an opportunity to play with a far larger group than usual. You’ll notice on the left sidebar an section above the survey that says ‘Associative Dictionary’ where a word appears, followed by its definition. You’ll also notice that each word in the definition is its own link. What this means is that you can click on a word and follow a ‘definition trail’ until you find a word that has yet to be defined. In those cases a form appears allowing users to add a definition of their own.

If anyone wants to play a little word association, simply start clicking and defining. Silly, sarcastic, witty, and strange definitions are all acceptable, yay, even desirable. So get clicking! I’m curious to see what sort of randomness abides in the minds of my readers.

Update: I’m finding that there are still far too many bugs with this dictionary (like it takes forever to access and read from the database with some browsers). So, I’ve taken it offline for the time being until some of the kinks can be worked out of the system.

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