I’ve started working my way through the 24-week “Walk of Repentance”: Bible study that I mentioned a couple of days ago. Steve Gallagher said, during the Men of Purity conference this past weekend, that the surest way for men to guarantee victory from sexual sin is to spend some time in the Word every day. He said that after six months there would be a noticeable difference in attitude, behavior, and sensitivity to sin and a stronger relationship with God. Daily devotions is something that I have struggled to do the last three or four years. I was very consistent during college, but then once I was out from that atmosphere, it became much more difficult to walk consistently. And I’ve felt the struggle increase as a result. So, I’m using this study to get myself back into the Word on a daily basis and to refocus my mind on the things of God. I expect that I will be sharing some of the things I am learning as I walk through this study.

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