If Money Were No Object

I only do memes once in a very great while. Mostly, I tend to think of them as blog clutter, so I usually try to avoid them. But one comes along periodically that seems fun. And since I’m not feeling all that terrific today (sick _and_ exhausted), this is what you get.

**If money were no object, I would:**

  1. Pay off all my loans.
  2. Completely fix up and repair my house.
  3. Buy the rest of the land my wife and I want and build her that equine facility she’s always wanted.
  4. Let my wife quit her job so she can train horses and riders full time.
  5. Quit my job and take up writing full time.
  6. Pick up subscriptions to several of the SF&F magazines I’ve been eyeing lately.
  7. Buy all the books on my wish list and spend the next few months reading them.

Those are the bulk of my long-term ambitions at this point. Unfortunately, money _is_ an object, and an obstacle, and only time and patience will see any or all of these dreams realized.

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