bq. He could have created us as peers, with all His knowledge and wisdom, so we could relate to Him perfectly. But even such created beings would still be inferior because they would not be gods. “#”:

How can the created be greater than the Creator? How can the created even stand on the same level as the Creator? In short, he cannot for the created by his very nature is less than the Creator. He will ever and always stand somewhere beneath the Creator because he owes his very existence to the Creator. He has no rights before the Creator but for those that the Creator bestows upon Him. There is a gap between the Creator and created that is seemingly uncrossable, a deep divide that forever separates the Master from His people.

Except that a bridge has been built. The Creator has made a Way for the divide to spanned, for his people to relate to Himself in a personal, active way. The created have not been made equal to the Creator. They still cannot fully understand Him or know Him in any comprehensive manner. But they can share in the benefits of relationship _as though_ they _have_ been placed on equal footing, being able to approach the Creator at any time with any request and not be turned away.

The created will always be below the Creator, but the Creator is compassionate and sympathetic and wishes to know His creation intimately, and they him. It is a unique and powerful relationship, one that is forever lifechanging.

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