Murder, Mystery, Mayhem

One final thought relating to the conference, and then I think I am done:

Last evening’s entertainment was a murder mystery. It was great entertainment, and I spent the better part of two hours laughing. The dialogue was witty, and the interaction with the audience was priceless. In that respect it could not have been scripted better.

My gripe with the mystery was this – the clues and the evidence presented throughout had no correlation with the final whodunit. Five of the six suspects were presented with having motive, three of the six with having opportunity. Yet, in the final act, there was nothing presented that conclusively tied the ‘murderer’ with the act. The choice was entirely arbitrary. Those of us at my table likened it to a game of _Clue_, where the cards were placed in the envelope beforehand, so that the outcome was already randomly determined. In that respect the mystery’s scripting lacked entirely.

Maybe this is the way all murder mystery theatre events are supposed to be, but I know I felt like I was left with a lack of closure. It seemed like the story jumped from point ‘A’ to point ‘Q’ by having taken a wrong turn through quantum physics somewhere. Maybe I am just used to CSI(Crime Scene Investigation)-style mystery, where the evidence can only point one direction when seen in its totality. I just think the writing of the final scene was a little slipshod and rushed. Hey, maybe that’s the way they built it so they can reuse the story…

Have anything to add to the conversation?