Mother Husband

Well, the wife is very sick today, so we both stayed home from work – her so she can rest, and me so I can take care of her. The fever has her weak enough that she has a hard time getting around the house without help. The doc says it may be strep, but he also suggested mono. He tested for the strep, with the results due back tomorrow, and if things don’t get better by Sunday or Monday, we’re supposed to go back and test for the mono. Either way, she’s on antibiotics now, so hopefully that will help. Thank the Lord we finally have medical insurance again. It’s nice to not have to pay the exorbitant medical fees anymore.

Prayer for her recovery would be greatly appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Mother Husband”

  1. Will do! Should I just refer to her as Jim’s wife…or does she mind us knowing her name…not that God won’t “get” who I’m talking about. haha! Really, I will pray for her.

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