I find that I tend to go in cycles. For several weeks my mind will race through dozens of topics and issues, providing me an endless source of article fodder. Then I’ll hit a dry spot, a veritable intellectual desert in which no good idea will grow. It is these sandy, thirsty times where my only concerns are getting enough done at work and at home, getting bills paid, and getting enough sleep to survive the day. My mind _wants_ new and interesting things to think about and write about, but there is nothing in that mental queue.

And so I end up writing about the fact that I have nothing to write about. Pretty pathetic, right? This has just been a very slow week for me, probably in part due to struggling to overcome some sort of head and chest congestion and not getting nearly enough sleep. My mind just doesn’t function well under those conditions. (Ironically enough, I’ve come up with three new short story ideas, which may end up landing in any one of a couple larger works I have percolating upstairs.)

So, I’ll touch out my net and fish for some ideas, even though historically my net comes up empty. I’d love suggestions of topics to write about, particularly since I have some time this afternoon to do so. I’m also working on hammering out a rough draft of a story snippet floating in my head right now that I might post up a little bit later.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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