Silly Spammers

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Game will Plane unconditionally

when Slot Double Pair Destroy Grass can Play Round , Win Chair is very good Cosmos Player will Circle unconditionally

I’ve recently started using “Akismet”: to filter out the spam garbage from my site, and honestly, I do find myself chuckling quite a bit as I check through the filter to make sure nothing legitimate got snagged by accident. Do spammers _really_ think that anyone is going to actually click on any of their links out of curiosity when the nonexistent syntax is such a thinly veiled attempt to steer you toward illegitimate websites. Now, I realize that most spam is pretty automated these days, but still, you’d think they’d at least _try_ to do a better job of disguising it, right? I’m glad they don’t, though; it makes it a lot easier to recognize it for what it is and get rid of it before it becomes a major nuisance.

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