Famouser and Famouser

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Check out the homepage for the ICVA. That carriage driver? Yeah, that’s me. Too bad for the ICVA. That mugshot will probably scare a lot of people away from the city…

6 thoughts on “Famouser and Famouser”

  1. Hi,
    I just noticed that I’m on your blogroll and I was wondering why you have an atheist on your blogroll (when it seems like you are obviously Christian). Not that I’m trying to deter you or anything, I was just curious. Thanks :)

  2. Basically, I try to stay abreast of events and opinions different than my own. Helps me keep in touch with the world. I don’t really like being contained in a box, and I can’t grow in my learning if I’m never stimulated. And I’ve learned that, while I usually disagree with atheistic beliefs, some genuinely accurate criticisms come from such camps, and I’d prefer to address problems and fix them rather than burying my head in the sand and pretending they don’t exist. Plus, I enjoy well-thought discussion, and your articles make me think.

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