Goblet of Fire, Tungsten T5, and Empyrion I

The Goblet of FireHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

How do you condense a 734 page book into a 2.5-hour movie? The answer is that you don’t. _Goblet_ was an exercise in thumbnail moviemaking. Each scene was little more than a visual sketch of each chapter in the book, jerking through the plot with all the grace of a wounded bird in flight. Each episode in the movie was clipped, transitions between abrupt. It was very obvious that the point was to get to the final graveyard scene, where more time and energy were spent on development and detail.

That said, I did enjoy the movie. It was interesting to see where the shortcuts were that made up for the lack of detail everywhere else. Character and relationship development were made more obvious, dropping subtlety in favor of the conspicuous to develop the storyline. The challenges were well-done, even if everything else was a bit shallow or gaudy. Most of the important parts of the story were brought out, and the things that were dropped or ignored were ultimately the bits that have no real effect on the final outcome of the story.

**Tungsten T5 from Palm** Tungsten T5

I recently purchased a Tungsten T5 from Palm. I probably wouldn’t have had I not received a bit of cash as a gift for the completion of my Master’s degree. Prior to owning the T5, my PDA had been the original Palm model — the M100, a monochromatic, 2 MB dinosaur that finally failed several months back. The upgrade from the M100 to the T5 was extreme, and I was exceptionally pleased the moment I got the battery charged and the device fired up.

The T5 has a color screen, optional Portrait or Landscape viewing, a new version of Graffiti (r), and Documents To Go (r). It plays mp3s and video, and you can create, carry, and move documents from your Palm to any PC with a USB port. The ability to add storage and functionality to your Palm via memory cards is another powerful feature.

The only problem I have had with my Palm is that Windows does not always recognize it when you plug into the USB port to perform a HotSync (r). It has been very problematic, and as yet I still have no solution to the problem. But my T5 has been a workhorse already. Add the infrared keyboard, and I have the ability to write whatever whenever and wherever the urge strikes.

The Search for FierraEmpyrion I: The Search for Fierra

Stephen R. Lawhead’s _Empyrion_ saga is science fiction with a Christian perspective. Orion Treet is sent on a mission to a colony world and, along with his companions, is quickly thrust into a world of mystery and intrigue. His mission requires him to seek out a lost colony of humans before the rigors of barren Empyrion can claim his life and those of his companions.

_The Search for Fierra_ is the tale of a man on a journey, one that is as much spiritual as it is physical. His trek and transformation across the desert is symbolic of the rebirth of the Christian faith, and his discovery of a utopian culture of love is a glimpse of what the future _could_ be for those who follow the Infinite Father. The story is strong, though perhaps a bit clichéd at times, and the characterizations are, for the most part, believable. _Fierra_ is the first of two books and ends with a cliffhanger as Treet heads back to the cesspool of Dome to find a way to prevent the inevitable war that will destroy Fierra utterly. Treet, in essence, becomes a missionary of hope to a dark, dying land slowly being undone by its own selfishness and lack of vision.

_Fierra_ is a good read — a little less than engaging at times, but the plot drives forward to the promise of an explosive confrontation with the leaders of Dome.

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  1. I was not so dissappointed with HP4. Condensing a book that size and doing any justice to it is quite a feat. I got a Sony Clie not long ago (used). Since its my first pda I don’t have much to compare it with, but for my basic needs – a contact list and organizer – it seems to be fine. It crashed over the weekend, tho, and when it came up ALL my personal stuff was gone. Fortunately hotsync fixed it all in one blast this morning when I got to work.

    Too bad your xanga doesn’t allow comments there, tho.

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