All Fads Run in Cycles

So is the Xanga fad coming to a close? It seems that fewer people are posting, few people are surfing, and even fewer people are commenting. Has Xanga run its course as a popular blog site?

7 thoughts on “All Fads Run in Cycles”

  1. I doubt that it is becoming UNpopular. Even if it does, it won’t affect my blogging. Do you have some statistics that indicate it no longer has the heaviest traffic, or are you going by some personal observations?

  2. I’ve noticed a drop-off in the level of commenting on my articles, and I’ve seen quite a few other Xangans mention that traffic has dropped off at their sites. Anectodal evidence, essentially, but I really have no way of gathering actual statistics, hence my inquiry.

  3. I sure am dropping off.  I don’t value it nearly as much as I use to, because it was simply a substitute for something else.  and as with all substitutes, they only last for a time. 
    kind of like the rest of this world…

  4. I’m only increasing all the time.
    To think the amount of comments you get is somehow relative to the popularity of the site is asinine.
    You bother to make the effort to maintain relationships with other bloggers, they’ll bother to make an effort to keep in touch with you.
    It should never be about a website as a website, it should be about the people here.
    You could write the most brilliant thing on the planet and get zero comments every time.
    But you could also write about absolutely anything – but still roll in a few dozen comments because you’ve bothered to put some effort in, and take this site at full potential.
    What you put into it is what you get out of it, like most other things in life.

  5. I have noticed that most of the posts people make that get the most comments are usually nothing all that thought-provoking (though this isn’t always the case, of course). I guess I just like getting feedback, having discussion, that sort of thing. Of course, that’s also the reason why I run Open Dialogue, so I guess I have no room to ‘complain.’

  6. I don’t generally comment on people’s blogs unless I have something important to say… As far as people USING Xanga to make their own posts, I don’t see any major difference there, I have a list of blogs I read regularly and their updates are on a sporadic cycle, a lot of posts will appear then the posting rate will drop off as people get busy, etc. It picks up again later though.

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