Seeing Both Sides of the Argument

Why is it that a person cannot talk about both the pros and cons of an issue without being perceived as taking the opposite side as everyone else? (And yes, this does involve that person being seen as supporting either side, depending on what position every other person holds.)

By the way, churches and Christians are not immune to this sort of behavior.

3 thoughts on “Seeing Both Sides of the Argument”

  1. hmmm… i’m not exactly sure about that one.  i mean, i kinda understand what that’s getting at.  i think it’s because people are such selfish people and so narrow-minded sometimes, and don’t want anyone to even challenge their positions.  maybe it’s something like my personality: i express the optimistic sides of things…my dreams etc… then my mom “bursts my bubble” by telling me the negative sides of things.  i’m like, c’mon mom…i know those things…i just choose not to focus on them. 
    maybe that’s a totally unrelated thought above…but i do think it’s b/c people hate to be challenged.  who knows. hehe
    keep the deep thoughts coming :)

  2. Because people are naturally confrontational, critical, antagonistic, argumentative, hateful, negative?
    Or something like that – Human nature.
    My guess, anyway.

  3. LOL… soo true… it’s like all the people back in the day when Bill O’Reilly started to really become popular who labeled him as extremely conservative… he’s really not.. he’s pretty balanced.. it just seemed like it b/c of all the liberal bias in the news. (really that was pretty much the story for all of FoxNews)

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