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A Morning In the Life

I’m driving to Frankfort, on my way to the Ironblock to set up and get some work done today. I have plans to do some work for my boss, but I also have some personal projects I want to work on that I haven’t had time for lately. I’m still rubbing the sleep from my eyes, despite the fact that I’ve been up since 6:00 with the kids in order to get them out the door to school. We managed that task with a minimum of tears. Neither of my children is really a morning person, even less so when they’re fighting off head colds, just as they are right now. I have a touch of that same cold myself, and it’s all too apparent in the way I feel this morning — scratchy throat, sinus drainage, itchy eyes, etc. Theraflu is my friend this day, just as it is anytime I get sick. It’s already giving me the boost I need to get going today.

The sun is just beginning to show itself on the horizon, though it still hasn’t broken that plane. But its light glows orange in the sky, which is itself cloudless and pure blue. It’s almost difficult to believe that November is nearly over already, considering it feels like the month has only just begun. Christmas is going to be upon us sooner than we realize, which sets my thoughts upon my kids and thinking about what I want to get them for Christmas. I’m not overly flush with money; I’m still not working full-time. So whatever I get them this year, it won’t be much, and they may be the only ones I buy for. This is my life right now. I’m grateful for the paying work I do have, and I hope again that it will soon provide more paid hours in the near future.

My phone pings on my dashboard. Another message from my girlfriend, who I once again silently thank God for. She is a refreshing presence in my life, and I marvel again at the chain of circumstances that brought us together. She is quite literally an answer to prayer, and one that I didn’t expect to be answered nearly so soon. We exchange ‘good mornings’ and ‘I love yous’ as we head into our respective days — the beginning of mine, the end of hers.

I arrive at the ‘Block and settle in at my usual desk to get some work done. I’m usually the only member here most of the time, which suits me just fine. I prefer the lack of distractions. The staff here keep talking about all the additional improvements coming in the near future. I’m looking forward to seeing them, especially the addition of standing desks, which my body sorely needs. It’s nice, though, to be able to work from a location of my choosing and to be able to set my own hours. I’m enjoying this web development job a great deal and hope again that it turns into something closer to full-time work soon. I could sorely use the money, which will be the means for me to settle up on some outstanding debts that have been hanging over me for quite some time now and be able to move out of my parents’ place into one of my own.

I hear work calling my name, so I plug my music into my ears, further reducing the risk of outside distractions, and position my hands above the keyboard. Time to get started. There’s much to be done today.

Working Tunes

I’m in the midst of a mindless horror at work right now – weeding out two-thirds of the rows in a 2166-row Excel spreadsheet by manually comparing nine individuals columns (out of about 21). Yes, _this_ is excitement in all its raw form and power. Oh, see! I think I just had a goosebump.

So, I’m doing the only thing I _can_ do and still retain some hope of sanity – the iPod Nano is plugged into my ears while Michael Buble croons away. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, Michael Buble actually helps maintain sanity – for _some_ of us old geezers, anyway. Oh, hey, and there’s FFH. And I _know_ I’ve got some Marty O’Donnell mixed in there.

Suddenly, this project doesn’t look _quite_ so painful.