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Revealing a Person’s True Nature

I have a theory concerning alcohol. I tend to think that alcohol is the ultimate truth detector. By that I mean that I think alcohol has the ability to show what a person is really like. People are so good at identifying traits and characteristics of themselves that are unacceptable, inappropriate, and undesirable and at putting up a facade to cover those traits up. People are very good at showing the face that they think people want to see, the one that is socially (and often even morally) acceptable in their culture, the one that makes people like them. However, introduce alcohol into that equation and the truth is soon revealed. Those barriers are broken down; the individual relaxes (alcohol is a depressant, by the way). The guards disappear, and the true essence of a person is revealed. Some people are shown to be fools — silly, idiotic. Others are shown to be full of anger and rage — getting into fights, yelling, screaming, shouting. All these things, I believe, are ever present in these people, but are protected and guarded away. But when they lose control to alcohol, they lose control of themselves, and the true heart of a man is laid open for all the world to see. And instinctively, I think other people know this. That’s why, when a guy gets drunk and gets angry at his friends over something, often times he sobers up to find that he has lost friends, because they know that, even though he was drunk, it was really the way he felt.


I don’t drink, so I’ve never been drunk, but I’m pretty sure that if I ever did get drunk, I’d probably be one of those angry people….


Inspired by the Wank & O’Brien Morning Show on RadioNOW, 93.1, Indianapolis, IN.