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Sandra Seamans submitted a nice little “drabble”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drabble to “Flashes of Speculation”:http://open-dialogue.com/fs called “A Rage of Angels”:http://open-dialogue.com/fs/2006/07/26/a-rage-of-angels-sandra-seamans/. Go check it out!

Side note: I’ve actually been considering a drabble contest over on Flashes, as soon as I figure out how to sponsor some prize support. Think there’d be much interest in such a competition?

Working Vacations

I’m enjoying a working vacation at the moment. The next couple of days are scheduled for getting some work done around the property – cleaning up wind-blown trees, resetting fenceline, removing brush, etc. It’s actually a nice break away from the office despite the heat. And in a few minutes, I’ll be getting back to my writing. The plan is to finish up this big project of mine by the end of week (sooner, if possible), and then get busy working on some more short stories. And by the weekend, if all goes well, I’ll have DSL set up at home again, which will be a major boon to my writing.

“Flashes of Speculation”:http://open-dialogue.com/fs is already taking off. I’ve had four submissions turned in over the weekend, all great stories. Swing over and check them out. Of course, I’m looking for even more great stories, so send me something new!

Y’all have a great day. It’s back to work for me.


Now I’ve gone and done it. “Flashes of Speculation”:http://open-dialogue.com/fs/ is now up and running. The goal is to provide a place (a home?) for flash fiction in the area of speculative fiction. Sci-fi, fantasy, dark sci-fi, dark fantasy, even horror with a twist of sci-fi or fantasy is welcome. So, if you write in any of these areas and want to share your work and receive feedback, please go check it out. And please advertise to anyone and everyone. I’d like to see this project take off. I don’t know about you, but my appetite for good speculative fiction never gets sated.

What are you waiting for? Go. Write. Submit.

The Midnight Road

Drive faster!

Rain lashed, wipers slashed, Cort plowed through the pouring rain, the demons of his past – both real and imagined – pursued him close behind.

Wind whistled, debris whirled into the road ahead of him, utility poles fell behind him. That’s how he knew they were still chasing him.

Stomach tied in knots, sweat pouring down his face.

A bump, thump, and the car died. The tension in Cort’s body ratcheted up another few notches.

Gotta run, gotta get away.

Then, They’re here!

He leaped from the car even before it could come to a complete stop. Left the road – that’s where they were – and dashed into the open field beside it.

Gotta hide. Oh, god! Can’t shake them. They’ll find me, anyway, his fevered mind screamed.

Shadows whipped about him, flittered, fluttered. Low hisses of eagerness issued from the assailing darkness.

Skin prickled; invisible claw briefly caressed the back of his neck and was gone. He ran harder.

Out of breath, out of time, out of options.

He screamed in fear and pain. Red ribbons slashed into his back.
Stumbled. Fell.

They were on him in an instant. Dozens of them. Tearing. Clawing. Ripping. He’d never had a chance to get away, even on the highway. Their claws had already been too deeply embedded.

Moonlight filtered through wind-driven clouds. And he was alone, then, as ever he had been.

But the damage was done, life leaking from his savaged body as it lay sprawled there in the moon-washed openness. ((Entry submitted to the “Midnight Road competition”:http://clarityofnight.blogspot.com/2006/06/midnight-road-short-fiction-contest.html at “The Clarity of Night”:http://clarityofnight.blogspot.com/.))