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Animal Farm

No, this isn’t a book by George Orwell – it’s the thing that my wife and I run on our property. And it’s continually expanding.

This week, we’ve added another member to our family – a 2-year-old, 40 lb., Black Labrador/German Shepherd mix who answers to the name of Memphis. His previous home situation wasn’t working out, and my wife and I have been thinking about getting a second dog anyway, so Memphis found his way to us. He’s a little skittish yet, but after two days he’s slowly starting to warm up to us. I still don’t think we’ve seen his true personality, but I’m hopeful that Memphis will come fully into his own here soon.

On the equine front, our local horse rescue has run into a situation where they need to find some homes for many of the horses in their care. I didn’t think it was possible, but my wife has found a way to fit a couple of more horses into our big barn, so I’m expecting a couple of pregnant mares to arrive about anytime now. So, there’s a possibility that, once warm weather sets in, we’ll have gone from a herd of seven to a herd of nine today to a herd of 11 once the little ones arrive. Should be an interesting time, and it definitely means a lot more work for us.

So, as you can see, we have our hands full – and we’re loving every minute of it.