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No Moods, Ads or Cutesy Fucking Icons (Re-reloaded) » Guilty. This is… unfortunate. For what it’s worth, I tend to side with Dr. Watts. I’ve always had a problem with the customs process for crossing between the US and Canada. It’s been my experience that the guards there tend to be somewhat over-reactive about relative trivialities, so the fact that this event happened to Dr. Watts comes as no surprise. There is certainly shortage of horror stories from people who have found themselves handled somewhat indelicately by customs officials.

What I find disturbing is the trivial detail from Watts’ trial that resulted in his conviction — that, apparently, asking ‘Why’ is enough to garner a felony judgment.

The whole situation seems unfortunate, as by all accounts, Dr. Watts is pretty stand-up guy. Here’s hoping the judge passes a suspended sentence in April.