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WordPress Plugin – Subscriber Gadget for myDashboard

The Subscriber Gadget is an additional gadget for the “myDashboard”:http://dev.clearskys.net/Wordpress/MyDashboard gadget library. It works in conjuction with two other plugins – the “Subscribe to Comments”:http://txfx.net/code/wordpress/subscribe-to-comments/ plugin and the complementary “WP View Subscriber Info”:http://www.maxpower.ca/wordpress-plugin-subscribe-to-comments-report-and-stats/2006/08/30/ plugins, the latter of which places a module in the default WordPress dashboard that shows you how much subscribers you have to your posts. myDashboard overwrites your default WordPress dashboard, and so the View Subscriber Info module is lost, as well. The Subscriber Gadget is a port of the View Subscriber Info module, putting your subscribers’ stats back on your dashboard where you can see them.


  1. Download, install, and configure the “Subscribe to Comments”:http://txfx.net/code/wordpress/subscribe-to-comments/ plugin and the complementary “WP View Subscriber Info”:http://www.maxpower.ca/wordpress-plugin-subscribe-to-comments-report-and-stats/2006/08/30/ plugins
  2. Download the [download#6].
  3. Upload subscriber-gadget.php to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it.
  4. The gadget should now appear in your Gadgets Library in your dashboard for you to add and position from there.


Subscriber Stats

Questions and bug reports should be directed to my “support forum”:http://forum.shamuswrites.com/forum/support.

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*2007.08.01 (v1.0)*

  • Original release

Bit by the Coding Bug

I’m getting my inner geek on – again. I spent the majority of my day today trying to figure out how to crosspost from WordPress to MySpace. I’d found a “hack that looked like it had potential”:http://noumenon.roderickrussell.com/wordpress-to-myspace-auto-crossposting that I messed with for quite a while, but so far I’ve had no success in getting it to run, despite having following the directions to the letter and checked everything over fifthlicate (and then some). I’m still waiting for a reply back on my comment to see if the hack’s author has any idea what’s blocking my attempts.

Ultimately, I gave up on that and started trying to find a way to put a light-weight Twitter badge on to my MySpace profile. I don’t like any of the badges that Twitter produces, so I looked around for other options. But of course, MySpace being the notoriously unfriendly environment that it is, there are no good solutions that are both functional and attractive on the page. So, I’ve given up on that option for the time being, as well.

In the meantime, I plan to learn a little more about the ins-and-outs of PHP coding tomorrow. I’ve got the MyDashboard plugin installed on this blog, but it doesn’t display quite as much information in the dashboard from some of my other behind-the-scenes plugins as I’m used to. So, my intent is to learn out to create a few gadgets that will tap into these plugins and put this information closer to my fingertips. If all goes well, I may even plan to create gadgets for a few other things that I’ve always wanted on the dashboard and never been able to find plugins for.

On that note, I’ve got a few of the plugin pages from the WordPress codex up in my browser. I really would like to get more involved with the development end of WordPress, but it is my sketchy knowledge of PHP that limits how much I can do. Since I have at least a two or three more weeks of down-time while I heal up from surgery, I hope to make some use of that time to learn a little more about how to write plugins for WordPress. I’ve come up with ideas in the past for things I’d love my WordPress installation to be able to do, things that, thus far, no one else has created plugins for. So, I hope to learn and add a few things to the WordPress community myself.

I’ve got other things to work on, as well. I still have plans to create a customized WordPress theme. I’d started work on a minimal theme last week, but that’s been on hiatus due to surgery last week. But now that I’m beginning to feel better and gain some more mobility again, I hope to get back to this project, as well, and try to finish it up. The skeleton I’d managed to build last week will probably undergo an overhaul, though, as I’ve changed my mind about some things in my mind about where I want to go with it. Heck, if I get _really_ ambitious, I might even tailor a new bbPress theme to go with it.

Some New WordPress Plugins

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I wanted to point out a handful of new plugins I’ve started using recently.

  • Better Comments Manager is another of those plugins that’s been added to my list of essentials for any WordPress installation. It adds a tab to your dashboard that allows you to view your comments with a host of new options. You can edit, delete, or unapprove comments and easily mark comments as spam, if necessary. You can also post a new or threaded reply right from the dashboard with an AJAX-powered interface. A single mouse-click will also filter comments to display only the comments for a given thread. It’s a powerful new comment interface that should be a must-have for any WordPress user.
  • WordPress.com users are familiar with the Dashbar that appears on their site whenever they’re logged in that gives them instant access to most of their primary functions in an instant. The Dashbar plugin now gives this same toolbar functionality to self-hosted WordPress installations. It provides access to the dashboard, write panel, and editing ability for the last five entries from your site’s front page.
  • There’s been some buzz recently about the new wordpress.com application that’s been added to Facebook. Well, the FacePress plugin updates your Facebook news and mini feeds every time you post a new entry to your self-hosted WordPress installation. It’s a pretty slick little plugin and makes it that much easier to integrate Facebook and WordPress.
  • MyDashboard provides a cleaned-up dashboard interface that lets you pick and choose what elements you see when you log into your admin panel. There’s no documentation yet on how to create custom gadgets to add to this plugin, but as soon as there is, I’ll be looking to further customize this slick little plugin.
  • The Custom Write Panel provides the power through the use of toggle buttons and custom fields to create a series of customized write panels. It lets you remove some of the clutter and adds the ability to post specialized news items.

These are a great group of plugins. I urge you to give them a try and beef up your WordPress experience.